Cannes Lions


RED BEE MEDIA, London / BBC / 2015







Following on from last year’s trail for ‘The Voice’, this year’s trail takes the idea of finding our coaches being serenaded by unexpected stars one step further. Heralding series 4, it also introduces new coach, Rita Ora, to the public.

We open on the four coaches unwinding at a bar when, out of the blue, they hear a voice behind them delivering the opening line to the blues rock classic ‘Black Betty’. One by one, in an homage to the show’s format, they turn in their seats to discover the voice belongs to a raven. The raven is brimming with confidence and attitude as he performs for the coaches and, intrigued and inspired by his gutsy performance, they begin to join in. All are enjoying the impromptu sing-a-long - until the food order arrives: a roast fowl with all the trimmings. The party comes to an abrupt halt as the coaches watch to see how the raven will react. But our raven is sassy, cool and completely un-phased. After giving the roast fowl a cursory glance he gets back to business, delivering the next line of the song with gusto, and the party picks up where it left off.

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