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ALDAR is a world-class property development, management and real estate investment company located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, best known for delivering the track for the final Formula One race of the 2009 season and Yas Island in a record breaking time of 2 years.This project was launched in a time of major economic crisis where most companies lost credibility, specifically the UAE’s real estate market. So this campaign was built on the idea that Aldar have said their word to their city and to their community and delivered their word and this is how the concept initially started with that notion of the word and its value in UAE culture. To reflect the above, we chose to work on a campaign that has an Arabic look and feel yet retains the Formula One spirit. The use of Arabic calligraphy also reflected that this event is taking place in an Arab land.


The campaign reached out to people in a number of different ways, but all with the same look and spirit. Aldar used many mediums from billboards, wall units, lamp posts, 5 kilo meter fence around the project around-the-project fences (known as hoarding), and airport travelaters and screens. The campaign was also launched in local newspapers as well as a number of local and international publications and sports magazines.A lot of BTL pieces were produced such as direct marketing pieces, brochures, corporate gifts and posters. As for TV, ALDAR featured an animated video which was also used as a flash introduction to their website during the time of the event.


The campaign has created a buzz in the city. Modestly, 'You said the word... We delivered.' was supported by an engaging design and calligraphic swirls that were hard to miss; from the minute visitors reached Abu Dhabi and Dubai airport, they would immediately notice the campaign in all of its forms (ATL, BTL, LCD screen and TV) at the airport and in the city.Custom made VIP giveaways such as the Ghotra (the traditional Emirati head cover), the limited edition poster, and the brochure which received very positive feedback from Aldar’s VIP clients/ event guests where they considered them not only giveaways, but rather pieces of art to be kept as souvenirs from their trip to the first Formula One event in the UAE.

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