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ROKKAN, New York / WELLPOINT / 2014

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The Affordable Care Act offered healthcare to millions of Americans, and confused just as many. Coupled with a frustrating experience shopping for plans online, many were left questioning what the future held for themselves and their families.

WellPoint’s affiliated health plans needed a way to say, "We hear you, and we're here to help." The goal? Become a trusted resource for information. The strategy? Create highly targeted, sharable content that entertained as much as it informed.

We kicked things off socially, with “Health. Join In.” and developed a content series about healthy living. This provided a gateway to the hub of our initiative: The site serves up all things health insurance in an easy-to-understand way, and has helped nearly 1 million people choose plans.

Next was “Real Health Stories,” a documentary series of personal stories about life with and without coverage. And "Cars" illustrated the often overlooked benefits of insurance with a 4-wheeled twist.

We topped it off with a hilarious musical about everything that can make you sick. The infectious "ABCs of Disease" went viral, with 1.3M+ views.

Through Real Health, we humanized health insurance and helped Americans make informed decisions, one screen at a time.


We began (10/1/13) by overhauling the tone and look-and-feel of the “Health. Join In.” social channels with bright, minimal design, and developing engaging content series around healthy living. This inspired our community to join the conversation, while providing a natural gateway our new hub: This groundbreaking site served up all things health insurance in easy-to-understand bites. Next was “Stories of Real Health” (10/15/13) a documentary series featuring influential women and their stories of life with and without coverage, from moms to freelancers. "Cars" (11/25/13) was a pair of :30s with a tongue-in-cheek, 4-wheeled approach to encourage viewers to value their health. Closing out open enrollment, a cast of kiddos and their music teacher serenaded us about everything from diarrhea to tapeworms in “The ABCs of Disease” (3/1/14), a hysterically cute musical that's now seen more than a million views.


Real Health marks a groundbreaking shift in how these brands approached new consumers. We reached past the political rhetoric surrounding the ACA, and successfully communicated to uninsured Americans that we could be a trusted source to help them understand the new law. Since launch, has helped nearly 1M visitors find information. And, the Health. Join In. social channels have seen an average engagement rate of 3% and more than 28M impressions--more than any campaign in brand history. Our ABCs of Disease program achieved more than 200M video ad impressions and 15M video completions, and went absolutely viral with 1.3M YouTube views that generated more than 650,000 interactions at This traffic resulted in more than 85,000 lower-funnel interactions, including purchase, 92% of which occurred in our key market states (CA, GA, IN, NY, OH and VA). Real Health generated brand lift in consideration between 7%-32%, (depending on media type).

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