Cannes Lions


DDB SPAIN, Madrid / VAESA / 2012






In Spain, due to reduced investments in traditional media, large advertisers are increasingly looking for new platforms for emotional attachment to the consumer. Entertainment events are still not widely used in Spain. A pioneer in this type of communication and one of the most notable communication cases was Movistar with ‘Espacio Movistar’: a concert space where young people could listen to music and create a meeting place for the latest fashion, photography and electronics trends. Despite low investment by advertisers, it is worth noting that in Spain investments in these types of actions are growing at the same rate as new digital platforms (12% per year in Spain).


Football and motorsport are sports that generate passion in Spain. The event had both ingredients, so the audience reacted rapidly, getting emotionally involved like supporters of one football club or another. The response was immediate and generated hundreds of thousands of views and shared views on the first day.


Visits to the dealer to enquire about the Audi A1 model went up 12.5% during and after the promotion. And in the days before the match, we raised Audi’s awareness by 200%. Millions of people talked about the classic match and the Audi. We got millions of Euros of free advertising. More than 850,000 views on YouTube; 60,000 ‘likes’ and 10,000 retweets. All together, we reached over 25m people.

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