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EDELMAN, New York / SAMSUNG / 2015

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For this series of 6-second Vines, our animation team got crafty, recreating important moments and plot reminders for some of the biggest shows on American television. Our subjects included “Breaking Bad” (AMC), “Game of Thrones” (HBO), “Orange Is The New Black” (Netflix), “Silicon Valley” (HBO), “Walking Dead” (AMC), “American Horror Story” (FX), “Boardwalk Empire” (HBO) and “Dr. Who” (BBC).

Our scripts pulled instantly recognizable moments from the previous season. One Vine depicts the climactic season two finale of “Orange Is The New Black.” A cancer-stricken inmate escapes from the prison in a hijacked van. As she speeds away from the prison, she crashes into another escaped inmate (portrayed here by two cigarettes).

Another example is our “Walking Dead” Vine, which depicts season five’s cliffhanger where the lead character, a sheriff, is attacked by zombies in a train car as he makes his way towards the “safe zone.” This 6-second video reminded fans of the tense finale that left audiences unsure if the characters made it through alive.


Our animators got crafty with handmade paper characters, props and sets. High-end production met low-end materials for an interesting stop-motion take on Samsung’s premium brand.

Our supplies: paper, an X-acto knife, hot glue, wire and tape. Our sound effects: created purely from the human voice.

Our simple tools kept the work grounded in the uniquely crafted world of Vine. For weeks, we painstakingly built every character, prop and set piece by hand – sometimes spending over 24 hours to perfect a single piece. We assembled the objects using a combination of “Klic n Kut” techniques, Illustrator design, foam core setups and wire armature to bring inanimate objects to life. We used professional rigging techniques to add jumping and flying actions to any prop that needed to defy gravity. Then, in post-production, we removed the rigs frame by frame.

We shot each Vine with a minimal 144 frames, shooting at 24fps on a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR, using Dragonframe stop-motion animation software. We used crisp lighting and sharp imagery to mirrorSamsung TV’s high-end experience. By returning to our roots we retained the playful and crafty feel that keeps content quick, sharable and entertaining – perfect for Vine.

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