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BBDO BELGIUM, Brussels / AB INBEV / 2022

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Football is the N°1 passion point of our consumers in Belgium. Jupiler has created a strong link with football thanks to decades of strong & loyal partnerships with the Red Devils and the Jupiler Pro League (Belgian premier league football).

Every two years, during the European Championship and/or World Championship football, Jupiler capitalizes on the football momentum to amplify consumers’ experiences during the tournament, and to unite the entire Nation behind the national team.


As the Red Devils’ (Belgium’s national football team) biggest fan and proud partner, Jupiler led the way by turning red inside and out, literally. Our lager turned red while keeping the same taste.


Belgium is a divided country: politically, linguistically, economically, culturally… There are very few things that truly unite the Nation: Our national football team “The Red Devils” is one of them, and Jupiler, our national biggest beer brand, another one.

How could Jupiler help the citizen with a simple but impactful “supporting action” to unite the nation?

During the European Championship football the entire Nation (18+) is our target audience: regardless of age, gender, language, ethnicity, alcohol preference etc, Jupiler wants to excite consumers about the National football team.

Jupiler has the ability to unite the Nation like no one else and its BOLD action is waited for.


We collaborated with the best brewmasters and the team coach Roberto Martinez. The can was completely redesigned in the colors of Belgium. The Jupiler Red was a limited edition beer. The use of state-of-the-art brewing techniques allowed Jupiler to only change the color, not the taste. This special edition was available in cans in stores. Red beer is the central idea of the campaign and all of Jupiler's communication for the European Cup revolved around it. The color of the product was meant to connect the brand, the Red Devils and the consumer. After all, the real fans are red inside too, and that's why they drink Jupiler Red.


27.000 hectoliters red beer sold in just 4 months - reaching a monthly market share (in total beer) of 1.2%, and 1.9% within lager.

This makes it Jupiler’s most successful innovation ever on a monthly basis.

This is about 7,600,000 red Jupilers, so 7.6 million touchpoints where consumers could show their passion and belief, and cheer with their new favorite supporters’ beers.

1mio € earned media through an impactful PR Launch & RED Beer announcement. This is about half of our yearly media budget in 2021.

Highest MROI of ABI worldwide: $ 2.51

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