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KING, Stockholm / ICA / 2011

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The brief was to create a packaging concept for Sweden´s largest grocery store, ICA, and its second largest private label series. The new innovative range for a healthier life style, ICA Good Life, containing over 70 products from eggs, soy milk and oats, all packaged in various materials from paper bags to vacuum packs. The task was to visualise “healthy living” in a way that would create interest for all customers, not just the health conscious ones.


In the last episode of 2010 the store owner suddenly lit a cigarette before the eyes of the Swedish people, revealed his addiction and asked other smokers to make his new year’s resolution theirs.

The commercial referred to ICA on Facebook where smokers could find help, support each other and send smoking friends a film with a personalized message from the store owner. Banners on news sites helped create traffic.

The actor is still a non smoker, and thanks to him, the campaign and all the press it created we hope many others quit smoking too.


Commercial figures are confidential, but all communication- as well as business objectives- were exceeded.

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