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Technology has changed every aspect of our lives over the past couple years–perhaps none more jarringly than in education. Remote learning changed classroom education overnight, extending the classroom into the home for both students and teachers.

From Logitech’s business perspective, this meant increased demand for the kinds of high-quality video conferencing solutions that Logitech provides.

Meanwhile teachers were put on the frontlines of massive changes to how we work and live during the pandemic. These essential workers were given little support in their transition to fully-remote work. With no guide rails, and in isolation, they were left to their own devices to educate our children. Incredibly, a third of teachers surveyed considered quitting teaching altogether during the pandemic.


Though education had been a major focus sector for Logitech’s video collaboration group prior to Covid, this new education landscape demanded a new relationship with teachers to learn where best to support them with Logitech’s products and support.

We needed a campaign that was fundamentally in support of teachers and their needs– professionally, personally and emotionally.


The ReThink Education event series was conceived in partnership with Logitech’s in-house human performance think tank, The Liminal Collective. Led by human performance experts Dr. Andy Walshe and Hoby Darling, Liminal would bring expertise and experts to serve teachers in the same way they might help train and rehabilitate elite athletes. First, we used their experts to generate a survey for educators to gauge a baseline for emotional state and needs. Then, we constructed live event seminars to help educators heal, connect, and elevate their teaching. And to introduce Logitech to teachers and education IT decision makers as a supportive advocate.


We produced two webinars: one during each school year of the pandemic:

The first featured organizational psychologist Dr. Adam Grant and focused on the emotional healing that teachers needed to shift from burnout and languishing to emotional reset and renewed purpose. The fully-remote event featured interviews with real teachers across the country who shared their rollercoaster experiences. It was hosted by Dr. Andy Walshe, and backed by research from The Liminal Collective.

For the second event, as in-real-life audiences began to be able to assemble, we produced an in-person live panel in front of a limited, masked audience of teachers at El Segundo High School in California. This event featured neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman talking about concrete pedagogical tips rooted in the latest brain research, focusing on ways teachers could boost teaching engagement in remote, in-person and hybrid environments.

Both events featured infographic takeaways with actionable recaps for teachers.


The ReThink Education events were Logitech Video Collaboration’s most-attended webinars ever, with over 10,000 educators and Education ITDMs attending the events. The content also generated more on-demand replays than any previous Logitech VC event, with over 125,000 views of the hour-long event featuring Dr. Huberman’s learning super protocol keynote alone. The events generated more sales leads than any other Logitech category campaign. And they gave thousands of teachers new tools to bring to their classrooms.

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