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SHERPA, Barcelona / ARRELS FUNDACIÓ / 2019

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The 23rd of April is the International Book Day but it is also one of the most special days of the year in Barcelona: Sant Jordi. The city breathes culture and love because the Valentine's Day is also celebrated.

As tradition demands, the boy gives a red rose to his girlfriend, whereas the girl gives him a book to celebrate the Sant Jordi. However, nowadays, many couples give each other a book.

In order to comply with the tradition, 1.5 million people and thousands of lovers walk around the city amongst well-known writers to find the perfect literary work.

In 2018, 980 stalls selling books were installed on the streets, and 48,127 different titles were sold.

That day and the rest of the year, there are also people who want to star in their own book. Exactly 3,447 homeless people want to rewrite their life on a new blank page.

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