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Rift is Mine:Vodafone Gaming Activation

MINDSHARE, Istanbul / VODAFONE / 2018

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We had challenge because we did not own the rights of the game League of Legends. To solve this problem, we took advantage of Cosplay to make LOL the main item of our communication.

First, we made campaign Teaser copy with popular face of Turkey and Supermassive (Turkish LOL Team) player and we created the impression of ''More will Come’’.

Moreover, we created the song, that only League of Legends players would understand, to grab attention of our core target group. We provided gamers to unlock this song by using ‘’Conversational Ad’’ model on Twitter and we aimed to maximize the mentions of #RiftIsMine (Rift: refers to the place exists on LOL, also our song name).


We strategically divided our communication into 2 phases.

We started first ''Teaser'' phase on 14th of August on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and we gave a sense ''More detail coming soon'' and tried to draw attention online gamers. The strategy was to reach as many young as possible by implementing full funnel strategy.

Afterward, we started second phase on 29th of September and we published song, ''Rift is Mine'' in which only LOL gamers would understand. At this phase we made 18 Youtube videos and 14 live broadcasts on Twitch via Turkey's most influential ''Gamer influencers''.

Analyzing the performance of influencers is vital in order to monitor the success of the campaign so we measured their effect to sales by creating unique landing page links for each and we continued to broadcast with whom their performance was quite better.


At the end of the campaign, we reached about 15 million people and 70% of our reach is our core target audience between the ages of 13-25.

In addition, the ‘’5te5’’ package was the most revenue-generating youth package with 23% revenue in Vodafone. Influencers were the most efficient channel in terms of sales.

Teaser video was viewed 3,4 million times whereas ''Rift is Mine'' song was viewed 3,5 million times.

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