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McKINNEY, Durham / OASYS MOBILE / 2006

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Pherotones was a viral campaign to launch a small cell phone content provider called OasysMobile.The idea was to introduce 18-24 year-olds to the fictitious Dr. Vanderhood and her satirical scientific phenomenom of “Pherotones, the sexy ringtone secret discovered in Denmark.” Pherotones were a combination of pheromones and ringtones used to attract the opposite sex. As the “doctor” spread her Pherotones message, her website discussed her search for a distributor of Pherotones. As the public became interested in downloading Pherotones, they discovered that OasysMobile would become the exclusive distributor of the Pherotones and offer them as free downloads.


A website and blog were created where the “doctor” shared her research with the world and her quest to find a business partner to distribute Pherotones. The website also hosted an instant message chat where the public could talk with the doctor live.As the campaign progressed, a research video was posted that showcased Pherotones power in action. This video became viral, spreading to some of the most popular viral video sites on the web. The doctor also brought her research to college campuses with lectures, and to the world with magazine and newspaper ads.

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