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Rising Time

72ANDSUNNY, New York / CHURCH & DWIGHT / 2020

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The Situation

With the country on lockdown, we knew that couples were spending more time together at home. Tik Tok and Instagram were filled with couples doing platonic things like baking, working out, and doing puzzles together. Findings from a survey conducted by Trojan in partnership with Wakefield Research on sex during this time uncovered that only 8% of people were having more sex with their partner, while 37% were baking more, 32% were watching shows they’ve already watched, and 28% were playing more board games together.

The Brief

Remind couples to take advantage of their time at home together and have sex.


Insert Trojan into the cultural zeitgeist, and lockdown activities.

Consider sex at home in a new way.

Inspire couples to have more sex.


Introducing “Rising Time: 25 Bread Recipes to Remind Quarantining Couples to Have More Sex at Home.” We wrote, designed, and published our cookbook in the Amazon Kindle store. All of the recipes were real, functional recipes, and anytime the dough needed to rise, the instructions gave an explicit suggestion of what you should be doing with that rising time: sex! Each bread recipe was paired with a variety of Trojan condoms that complemented it, and all of the photography was either erotic shots of bread or subtle nods to protection to tie it all back to Trojan condoms. To stand out against all of the dark and depressing news, we created the book with bright, bold colors to give everything a playful, light feeling. The Rising Time cookbook launched on May 17th (Global Baking Day) which helped it rise to the top of the bestseller list.


With so much empty time on people’s calendars, they were passing their days with all types of shared activities (bread baking up 37%), but there was one activity everyone forgot about: sex. Only 8% of couples were having more sex. So to encourage couples to have sex (with a Trojan condom), we hijacked the biggest quarantine trend: bread baking. In true Trojan form, we approach sex in a bold yet playful way.

So we pointed out the obvious. They're using this intimate time together to bake bread, instead of being intimate. The list of things they couldn’t do at this time was getting longer and longer by the day. So we wanted to give them a long list of sexual bread baking possibilities.


We launched our cookbook on Amazon and created the website The book was available on Amazon beginning on Global Baking Day (May 17th) and promoted through earned media and paid social. Not only was it the first cookbook published by a condom brand, it was the first to turn Amazon’s kindle marketplace into a sexy new media channel. We garnered 20.8M total earned and social impressions, with pickup from, &



?Let the book rise to #7 on the Amazon Best Seller List

?Add 20.8M total earned and social media impressions

?Fold in earned pickup from, &

?Sprinkle in headlines like, “This Is the Horniest Bread Cookbook” and “Embrace that you'll never look at bread the same after reading Trojan's 69-page cookbook”

?Top with 81% of earned coverage including “Trojan” in the headline

?Add 11,279 site sessions in the first week, 76% of those being direct visits

?Mix in Instagram assets that surpass Trojan’s engagement rate benchmarks

?Add in 30% of Trojan’s core audience reporting they have tried a new sexual health product since the pandemic began, according to an Acupoll survey from August 2020

?Dash with 35% of Trojan’s audience in relationships having more sex than prior to COVID, according to the Acupoll survey

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