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RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) set out to transform their organisation; changing perceptions of both the brand and of the people they support. Developing a modern brand identity that would dispel associations of the 150 year old charity being an old fashioned institution and relaunching them as an inclusive agent of change.

With the charity supporting people with over 200 different sight conditions, a limited budget and a soft launch, it also had to be incredibly efficient and future facing, with the aim of making it their most accessible brand identity yet.


To ensure the brand identity was truly inclusive, great lengths were taken to create an inclusive design process. RNIB partnered with the community of blind and partially sighted (BPS) to conduct extensive research, informing every stage of the project.

Starting with some initial design inspiration workshops, which collectively looked at the role of typography in our everyday lives. Specifically way-finding typography. Taking inspiration from road and pedestrian signage that had been created to have function at the heart of its DNA.


Time was taken to study the subtleties of letter form, whilst receiving live feedback from the BPS community so that the spacing, shape, and colour contrast of the new identity were carefully crafted and easier to distinguish.

The new brand identity maximised visibility and comprehension with graphical props, high contrasting backgrounds, and a 50/50 split allowing for large copy. This was then applied across various media touch points including OOH, press, various internal comms, signage, online and social platforms, proving that accessible can also mean beautiful.


Extensive research and collaborative development meant the new identity was RNIB’s most accessible yet, helping transform the organisation and bringing the 150-year-old charity into the 21st century.

Since its launch, the VI has been praised by the sight loss community, with many being able to engage with brand comms for the first time. Shifting perceptions of RNIB to be modern, progressive and dynamic, with a new brand identity the community could feel ownership of, and be proud of for the next 150 years.

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