Cannes Lions


SMFB, Oslo / VG / 2018

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While watching Norway´s games in the handball tournament on TV, people could make their own cheers, hymns, chants, roars and send them directly to VG´s own crowd of supporters that had "uniforms" and very good seats in the arena, almost always visible and audible in the TV-broadcast. (Their placement and actions were pre approved with the company running the broadcast, and also the International Handball Association.) As the leader of the crowd received a "roar" on the tailor made interface, he would start conducting the performance of these roars live, so the TV-audience could see and hear, and of course the main objective was to make a substantial contribution to the overall atmosphere, that could actually effect the Norwegian team´s performance in the game.


As our campaign offered a brand new service, that has never been tried before or heard about, we had to educate people in advance, in order to make them understand what this was, why they should use it, that it was live during Norways´s games etc. So the main advertising was done in the two weeks before the tournament, and consisted of instructional videos, explaining everything in a pedagogical manner. The main paid channel was Facebook, where we targeted 700.000 people from 15-25. Also VG is Norways´s largest newspaper, with 2,358 million readers every day, about half of the entire population. Across VG´s own platforms we had a huge amount of advertising space at our disposal, that ensured that the country would know about our "Roar-o-matic". The sports journalists also wrote editorial content about our campaign.


Among a target group of 700.000 people (between 15-25), we managed to drive 100.000 visits to the site, which generated just over 1000 roars.

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