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iThink, Sao Paulo / PEPSICO / 2012

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Brazilian’s humour channels imported a joke that was already going on on Americans social network, about the amount of air vs. the quantity of potatoes in the package.The challenge was to explain to the major hubs spreading the joke, why the amount of air in the package was important, without fostering even more jokes.

To this end, a strategy was designed which would take the harsh information, serious, to an illustrated and humorous way, explaining the need of air inside the package in order to protect the potatoes chips. With the aid of technical areas of the client, we were able to get the information needed to the infographic design, and once posted on the brand fan page, a work of public relations began, with the humor channels that once were making jokes about the subject, and also with the relevant media for the target. With this, the info-graphic has reached more than 24 million impressions on the Brazilian Internet, getting an exhibition that if would have been paid, would cost more than R$ 3,1 million.


The infographic was first posted on the fanpage brand in early January. After that, in the following weeks, several contacts were made with medias specialized on social network and humor channels. Afterwards the infographic had spontaneous reverb.


With the infographic published and the contacts with specific channels already done, it achieved more than 24 million impressions, a result that would cost more than R$ 3.1 million if it were paid.

Moreover, the volume of mentions of the joke practically fell up to zero, and even consumers are spontaneously mentioning the infographic and linkam when reading any comments that remind them of the joke.

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