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Ruffles AmiGO

ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / PEPSICO / 2018

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We thought of creating a campaign that would do more than just say that “Ruffles gets the gang together.” And decided to create a campaign that would actually do that. We also found out that 87% of the target played some kind of game on their cellphones.

So, we created a mobile game to fix the problem of friends being forced to separate, and launched: Ami-GO. A game that, through augmented reality, turned whatever boring place you were into the scenario of the game. The main character was you. The goal: to grab as many Ruffles out of the air as you could, avoiding traps. Just one thing: you couldn’t see anything on your own screen except for the countdown. The only people who could see everything were your friends, controlling you over streaming via voice commands.

Consumers competed amongst themselves and in a national ranking, updated weekly on Facebook.


We publicized the game on billboards and urban installations across the country. Then we focused our efforts online, with programmatic media designed to reach our target specifically. That way, we made sure that everyone found out about the campaign spots. In them, the main character always wound up at the most boring place in the world: Uncle Olaf’s party. That’s why we did a crossover between our commercials and the leading soap opera for teens, where we took the protagonist to the same awful, boring place as the TV ads: Uncle Olaf’s party. And his friends went to rescue him, using Ami-GO.

That right: the soap opera created a new character (Unclo Olaf) just for us. And changed the plot so the teenager could go to the party and play the game.

After the episodes aired, the actors did a live session where they played consumers, and consumers played them.


• The live session featuring the soap opera actors – where they played consumers and consumers played them – got over 2 million views.

• It was one of the 10 most talked-about campaigns on Twitter that year.

• And generated a 41% rise in Ruffles sales.

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