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Understanding that the technology story behind a running shoe is not sexy, adidas set out to tell the emotional story of running facilitated by the shoe. There is human truth to running that it sucks for a while. However, when it stops sucking, all a runner wants to do is run more – and with Boost, you can.

Run more terrains, routes, weather conditions, cities, etc – just run more.

The run more campaign facilitated all the aspects of “more” for a runner, creating new routes in cities across Canada, playlists to get runners excited, tips to keep them going, activations at local marathon events to inspire and a flagship event, the runmore 10k which used the lost hour in daylight savings time to give runners the ultimate experience – running a 10k during an hour that never existed.


Run more is not a campaign, it’s an ongoing movement designed to inspire and support runners. The kickoff was a combination of a manifesto video about the concept of run more, social content using runners’ own stories sourced from Google surveys, wild postings and a hub website. The website has what each runner needs on a daily basis: customized Spotify playlists, social integration, product ideas and a weekly run signup program partnered with the Toronto adidas store. The movement culminated in a 10k event on October 31, 2015 – daylight savings time. What better use of a gifted hour than to run – delivering on the promise to runners of helping them run more.


MEASUREMENT/EVALUATION: The agency’s measurement and evaluation process yielded excellent results that exceeded pre-set benchmarks on every account.

Within weeks of registration opening, over 600 people signed up for the runmore 10K (+120 per cent vs. target).

Secured run night coverage of 18,318,243 media impressions (+611 per cent vs. target)

- Broadcast coverage on race day 7,301,250 impressions

- Influencer coverage 2,067,559 impressions

- 8,949,434 social media impressions, which represents 842 social posts and 58,265 with a total social engagement (includes likes, favourites, comments and retweets)

Adidas running sales saw a tremendous 29 per cent dollar sales increase, when compared to last year’s sales. (+19 per cent vs. target)

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