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THE BRIEF: October 2nd 2011, took place "10 km from Paris Centre". A race for a new breed of riders, younger, more motivated by living a collective sports experience than the performance itself.OUR STRATEGY:BEFORE: Massive recruitment on all relevant digital media (web app, site, FB). A Facebook application to get registered, to pay, to federate a crew (group of riders) and to link the chip to his FB account with the promise to live a 'connected' race.DURING: During key passages, the chip allows to change its status several times while running, automatically and in real time. You just need to choose the "portal" which fits to your status. (For example: KM4: I'm fine OR KM4: I've been better before)AFTER: The riders have the opportunity to upload a picture of themselves during the race, dressed in Nike Running colors, and share it with their friends.RESULTS:A connected race that drew nearly 5,600 runners, 1,000 runners equipped with RFID chips. 4000 Facebook statuses have been published, generating 16 000 comments and 8000 likes estimated.Verbatim:'Congrats for the event! it was my first race, I'm ready for the next one! ''Very good experience, I will remember my first time;)!''When will be the next race?''Super race, great atmosphere, I look forward to run it next year''In Marseille, I have not been able to come, but I will come next year for sure!'

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