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In August 2018, a global launch event of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note9 Unpacked was held in Barclays Center, New York. Several products including Note9 with a new and more powerful Bluetooth enabled S-Pen, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home, were planned to be unveiled. We aimed to effectively introduce Galaxy Note9 to global media and consumers, build anticipation for the new product and create post-event buzz.


The creative idea was derived from the signature feature of the hero product: the more powerful, Bluetooth enabled S-Pen of Galaxy Note9. We designed a massive multiscreen that embodied the S-Pen. The scoreboard LED resembled the tip of the S-Pen, the wall screen resembled the body of the S-Pen with the Bluetooth button, and the floor screen resembled the body of Galaxy Note9. Together, the multiscreen resembled a huge S-Pen standing on top of the display of Galaxy Note9. Then, we created contents optimized for this screen. The visual of the S-Pen traversed across screens, drawing paths for presenters, unveiling other Galaxy products, and opening up the product experience zone.


The target audience was not only global media, partners and consumers attending the event on site, but numerous viewers all over the world who would watch the event on live streaming or the replay of it uploaded on websites. For people who seek information on the newly launched product, contents had to be informative. The unveil moment of the product had to be impactful, delivering an unforgettable first impression. Also, at this Unpacked, the Bluetooth enabled S-Pen, the key feature of the hero product Galaxy Note9, had to be highlighted. Thus, we designed a S-Pen shaped multiscreen and created optimized contents for this screen. We also calculated the livestreaming camera viewpoint to display optimal contents at that angle.


Galaxy Note9 Unpacked was held in a sports arena, Barclays center, New York. To make full use of the massive venue, we designed and constructed a 52.5 feet wide and 80 feet deep floor screen and a 107 feet wide and 46 feet high wall screen. Together with the scoreboard LED already installed in the venue, the multiscreen resembled a huge S-Pen. After designing this S-Pen shaped screen, we created contents optimized for it. Contents flew through one screen to another, or spread out across multiple screens as if it were a single canvas. Also, we designated a viewpoint for the live stream camera, and constantly tested how the contents would look like at that angle. Designing contents based on that calculation and simulation, the live stream of the event broadcasted optimal and immersive visuals to live stream viewers.


Receiving acclamation from beginning to end, Galaxy Note9 Unpacked was extensively covered by domestic and global media. It marked the successful launch of Note9 and other Galaxy products to 4,000 audiences on site and 50million viewers on live streaming. It recorded highest views on live streaming of all Unpacked series ever. The event increased brand affinity and from screen design, presentation contents, live demos to product experience zones and live streaming, the full customer journey was designed to let people experience the brand at every touch point.

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