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For the longest time Skoda has been the leader of the automotive market in Poland when it comes to passenger cars. Sadly, during the last two years Skoda’s market share continued to decrease. Obvious product advantages were not enough for the target group anymore – and the target group used to be predominantly middle-aged men. We noticed that women were not prioritized enough as a target group for Skoda – and safety seemed to be an especially important aspect for them when it came to car selection.

Our challenge was to create a communication line that would use non-standard solutions to talk about safety that Skoda’s innovative systems undoubtedly provide. A good and organic concept that would carry our PR message with no additional media costs was established as an additional foundation.


We created a technologically advanced product to carry the narrative around car safety.

We adapted the Side Assist system by creating one consisting of a set of ultrasonic sensors, which detect an approaching vehicle in the blind spot.

Another system we recreated was Blind Zone Detection – two more ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles behind the pram.

The prototype also features a version of the Hill Hold Control system which activates an automatic brake as soon as the pram handle is released.

An adaptation of the Traffic Alert system monitors the movement of objects around the pram. Thanks to a wide angle camera and a set of ultrasonic sensors algorithms decide in real time whether a warning signal should be a visual indication or a sound. In the most dangerous cases however the system will stop the pram in its tracks.


"Safe parent in the city" was the main message behind our social campaign supposed to bring attention to safety of parents walking with strollers. We created the branding, communication strategy and a consistent marketing promotion.

To launch the campaign we set up a live event during which we presented the pram of the future and the results of a study conducted with 400 parents with kids up to 3 years old. We invited safety and technology experts, journalists from relevant media (parenting, technology, automotive) and influencers to participate in the event. The entire launch was met with a lot of attention, including national television.

Activities planned for the duration of the campaign initiated and kept up the discussion about the importance of safety, including the youngest road traffic participants. We utilized multiple channels - traditional media, Internet, social media (Facebook and Instagram). We also partnered with parenting bloggers


The execution consisted of the actual product being featured in multiple TV and radio shows, explaining the need to focus on road safety while taking a walk with a stroller. Over 2022 the safety pram of the future became a phenomenon so interesting multiple channels and portals described it as an innovative product while mentioning the actual campaign without the need for bought media coverage.

But that’s not all. Finished 3D models and code created in four programming languages were made publicly available online in open source format and hosted on GitHub. This way we managed to make sure that all interests parties have access to our technological solutions.


Core group engagement grew exponentially. In addition, wide PR coverage was generated by the media, for whom the pram itself proved to be incredibly interesting, which translated to much lower reach cost than with a traditional TV campaign.

With the Safety Pram campaign we not only managed to prove that nowadays communication doesn’t require a traditional media investment, but also that its mission can be the ability to share for the greater good.

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