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Lately, Italy has been strongly reprimanded by the UN for its weak involvement in

combating violence against women.

The draft law A.S.2530 would be a concrete solution to protect women and assure the

persecution of violent partners, but it’s still pending since February 2022. Therefore,

women still have to find other ways to protect themselves: among them, the furniture of

their own homes - like closets - that often become the first form of shelter.

IKEA wanted to highlight the need to promote the passing of the law, as the only mean

of safety for women. Being IKEA one of the most attended places by couples, we used

stores and the wardrobes themselves as the main campaign media, disrupting an

ordinary moment of purchase and turning it into an opportunity of awareness.


On November 25th 2022, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we launched SÄKERHET, a wardrobe specific lock designed to close yourself from the inside, saving women from domestic violence. After presenting it with a classic ominichannel launch, as any new IKEA product, we sparked some confusion among the public opinion, only to reveal afterwards the sad truth: if you are a woman in Italy, a lock can protect you more than the law. Thus, we highlighted the urgency to approve the pending law to finally give to domestic violence victims a rightful protection.


IKEA has always been synonymous with home, a place to associate with an idea of safety.

Yet in Italy about 93% of domestic violence takes place inside home. Though, for most of the victims, staying in a situation of domestic danger is safer than asking for help from the Institutions. That’s why our strategy was based on disrupting the positive perception of ‘life at home’ connected to the brand, starting from its most powerful touchpoint: the store. We aimed to capture the attention of a broad target (18+) who could act as an active spokesperson for the problem. The campaign took place in all 21 IKEA Italy stores and all channels, with the support of influencers and a strong PR amplification. We didn't stop at the many individuals, reaching those in power to really make a change, by sending SÄKERHET to over 90 politicians, up to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.


On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, IKEA launched SÄKERHET, a wardrobe specific lock designed to shut yourself from the inside. A brand-new product with a strong provocative nature and an even stronger message: if you are a woman in Italy, a lock can protect you more than the law. SÄKERHET was launched with an omnichannel approach, with a special focus on the instore display, where the wardrobes became the outstanding media to let the customers face the disturbing reality firsthand. The campaign took place in all 21 IKEA stores across Italy and on all IKEA channels, with the support of the influencers, to spread the message to the widest audience. Our approach didn't stop at our customers, but we involved over 90 politicians as well - up to the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni - urging them to use their powers to make a real change.


SÄKERHET caught the attention of all customers who visited IKEA stores across Italy, achieving a national scale impact. We brought our campaign to 21 Italian IKEA stores and triggered a great conversation by reporting more than 50M total reach. Plus, on social media, the campaign was overwhelmed with supporting and enthusiastic comments and reactions, recording a 100% positive sentiment. Furthermore, SÄKERHET reached the Italian Parliament involving almost 100 politicians - up to the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni -, and IKEA got invited to bring its message to the Capitoline Hill. But the most important result is that in February 2023, the Senate instituted a board of inquiry for femicide and gender-based violence.

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