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SamBRA, 100 years of Samba.

WMcCANN, Sao Paulo / BRADESCO / 2016

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More than a musical genre, samba is the Brazilian identity. Honoring the samba means valuing your own roots and stirring people's emotions.

In 2015, Bradesco launched the Tudo de BRA campaign, which values the Brazilian's authentic behavior: culture, music, joy, friendship. And since the samba would celebrate its 100th year in 2016, Bradesco appropriated this historic milestone by creating SamBRA: the biggest music show ever seen in the country.

Starring samba great Diogo Nogueira, SamBRA gave rise to a platform of experiences and original content. With full integrated channels, it was possible to participate in one of the 55 live shows, watch the LiveShow on TV, enjoy each song of the show via Spotify, and even browse the timeline of the samba on the online platform. A legacy regarding the history of the same that will be around by many generations.


The project debuted in March 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, the city where the samba originated. In the first month alone, four performances were given in Rio de Janeiro and four in São Paulo.

In June, the show traveled to another 5 Brazilian state capitals, strategic crossroads for the bank's positioning. Tickets sold out at all the shows.

After the success of the tour around Brazil, in October 2015, the show returned to Rio de Janeiro for another 2-month run.

At the end of the year, the musical show was presented for the first time at the biggest New Year's celebration on the planet, on the sands of Copacabana, with over 2 million spectators and massive press coverage.

In 2016, the platform continues to impact the public, and the show is headed for the best of settings: performances during the Rio Olympics.


The show had 55 sold-out shows in 7 Brazilian state capitals. The largest audience was 2 million people at the Copacabana New Year's, with indirect impact on over 50 million people.

The platform had the absolute spotlight in the press nationwide: In total, more than 500 pieces were produced in TV, covers of the main newspapers, radio interviews, and a deafening roar on social networks, with a return of another 5 million dollars in spontaneous media generated.

On the digital platform and social media, SamBRA generated engagement of world-renowned artists, as well as the general public. With proof of the relevance that the subject earned on the internet in organic search for the expression "100 years of samba", Google suggested SamBRA in nearly 400,000 results, articles that still remain accessible today.

SamBRA is already preparing for performances throughout the cycle of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

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