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It is our strong point of view that branded entertainment via a digital-centric campaign which is

rooted in social media is vital for creating movements. The digital environment is a much

freer place to seed and spread content and is definitely a more attractive way to connect with

our consumers in an engaging way. This, coupled with the fact that it was our goal to make our

experience social at its heart, with the goal of bringing the user in at the outset to act as a driver

to building the conversation. And last, as our ultimate objective was to create a national movement,

we required an approach that would not be restricted to any given regulatory body. A digital-based platform allowed us to achieve this.


YouTube videos were the key piece of content in our campaign. We produced 18 of them, including a teaser video announcing the initiative.

We’ve designed a digital ecosystem where every element naturally led to that content. A Google + page and a website were at the very center of our digital ecosystem & every single channel included a drive-to-content element.

PR played a critical role in taking our story offline - getting our content on TV and in the press and exposing the masses to the campaign.


With zero media budget, we generated €400,000 n earned media & engaged millions of people with Google + and Hangout. We had a huge coverage in gay press with articles in magazines like Yagg or Tetu (150 000 readers).

Our story appeared on 5 main TV news broadcasts including BFM and LCI, reaching 5.3 million viewers. It was also told on radio stations like France inter, listened by 3.7 million people.

We showed that technology can change people’s lives & Google +’s Hangout was introduced in the most engaging way possible, with a product demo like no other: truthful & full of emotion.

What we’re most proud of goes beyond the results of our campaign. As the country was witnessing an unprecedented wave of homophobia with more than 1.5 million participants to anti same-sex marriage protests, we married gay couples for the first time ever and helped the debate progress.

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