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Samsung Cantopopera

DDB, Hong Kong / SAMSUNG / 2021

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With 5G infrastructure and technology being implemented in Hong Kong in 2020, all major telecommunications companies and smartphone companies were pushing 5G services and offerings across town. With the release of the new Samsung S20, a smartphone built for 5G, Samsung wanted to highlight how the S20 was the smartphone to get, if you wanted to utilize the new opportunities that 5G offered.


To demonstrate the breakthrough nature of the new Samsung S20 and its utilization of 5G technology, we decided to use the product as a bridge between two dying Hong Kong music genres: Cantonese Opera and Cantopop. All in an effort breathe new life into them.


To show how the S20 was a smartphone built for 5G, we first needed to identify the target segment that would truly be able to make use of all that 5G had to offer. As 5G was such a game-changing technology, it only made sense to target the Game Changers in different sectors and fields. For this campaign specifically, we chose music and the Game Changers within Hong Kong’s music scene as the most potent area to demonstrate 5G’s breakthrough nature to the masses.


We first invited two vastly different musical Gamechangers – To Wing-sum Christie, the star of a new generation of Cantonese Opera performers, and Dear Jane, local Cantopop band. We then got them to live jam together and combine their musical styles in real-time, while being in separate locations, yet connected to each in real-time, enabled by the 5G streaming power of the S20. The entire performance was then live-streamed to audiences in an 8D, and the performance was then further adapted into a music video, which got disseminated via various social channels.


The live jam proved to be immensely popular. The performance garnered 1.7 million views in just one week, helping to create USD 2.5 million worth of earned media. The initiative was also successful in driving product consideration from iOs users by an astounding 150%.

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