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With the UK now fully embracing the digital age, the opportunities for targeted, branded entertainment are huge. Freeview and Sky have given the consumer vast choices, but not necessarily the most compelling. The technology that gives users the ability to skip advertisements has caused many traditional media outlets to question their business models.

Brands must now adapt to modern platforms like YouTube, however there is limited interactivity.

Broadcasters and TV manufacturers have developed Smart TV, but their uptake will be slow and depend on end user software and middleware connectivity. With most restrictions in the use of branded content based around healthcare (tobacco, alcohol) and age-restricted content (adult, gambling) our cross-platform Winter Wonderland campaign branded with Samsung GALAXY Note and the Angry Birds Holiday Episode was a perfect match to feed the content-hungry, socially curious audiences who demand content, 24/7.

This element was also a great advantage, especially with the massive growth in Smartphones, which gives millions of consumers the instant ability to watch and interact with content right in their hands. Branded microsites like Winter Wonderland met these needs with engaging, entertaining content that was accessible from any location, to give fans unrivalled usability and brand loyalty.


PR strategy included stunts with fans dressed up as life-size Birds singing Christmas carols, plus global exposure via Google Chrome, social outreach within Samsung and Rovio’s communities on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and a viral Angry Birds video.

Key media vendors were chosen for their ability to reach the ‘mobile pioneering’ audiences on a large scale, with large traffic numbers from banners and video advertising within online and mobile, and other publishers including Sky.

Press reach hit every corner of the globe, with targeted editorial pieces and exclusives emerging from regional broadsheet newspapers and A-list gaming and mobile trade magazines.


KPIs hit:•21.5m minutes of game play of the Samsung sponsored Day Five •6m+ views of the Angry Birds viral teaser video •30,000+ Facebook ‘likes’ of the Winter Wonderland campaign•2m+ page views on Samsung Mobile & Rovio’s social media platformsROIs hit: •The response from global press was phenomenal, and along with millions of banner and video ad impressions contributing value and exposure, research proved a 46.8% increase in brand awareness for both Samsung and Rovio, and earned Enrich Mobile a third partnership campaign in 2012 with Angry Birds Space and the Samsung GALAXY Note.•It placed both brands into the hands of millions of fans around the world, and made Winter Wonderland one of the most successful, consumer-facing campaigns to date.

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