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The Archives

MJZ, Los Angeles / APPLE / 2018


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"The Archives” is about a feature on iPhone called Memories, which organizes, curates and automatically edits short films, set to music, using photos and videos stored on your phone, that might otherwise be forgotten.


The Archives film follows a solitary archivist through a massive library stack, filled with old film reels and photos as he carefully gathers and curates footage and photos, pressing letters from an old printing press onto the film stock, and editing a film on a Steinbeck-like device. The final result, a Memories film called “Together,” appears as if by magic on a mother’s iPhone, somewhere else in the world. The film took around 2 months to create and ran globally on both TV and social/digital platforms.


After the campaign launch use of the Memories feature on iPhone went up 6%. The average daily number of Memories created per user also went up to reach the highest level since 2 months before launch. Conversation around the Memories feature went up 339% day of launch and search interest around Memories went up +35% during the first two weeks of the campaign.

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