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Hybrid work turned the world upside down. For the first time ever, power shifted from employers to employees and people were working from everywhere but the office.

But this way of working was starting to come under fire. Society was starting to debate whether this way of working could really work.

HP knew it needed to take a stance on hybrid work and position itself as a leader in the space.

The brief was clear: show how HP is creating the tools to arm those with the power to keep hybrid work, working - IT Managers.

As our expectations and demands have become unreasonable, it’s on our technology and IT managers to make the unreasonable happen.

That’s why HP is arming them with the tools to make the new way or work more sustainable for us all.

Because HP believes we should be able to…

Work Happy.


Our biggest task was casting an “anti-spokesperson” that our modern, remote workers would eventually turn against. This person needed to represent the old, stuffy, and outdated rules of business success, and it was crucial that audiences understood that this person was not actually a spokesperson for HP, but rather the brand’s enemy.

In order to carry the spot’s optimistic ethos, we believed the character needed more dimension than just being someone easy to hate, but rather someone you slightly empathized with as they struggled to let go of the rules we’ve all been programmed to live by, until now. So the character needed to be both loveable and equally entertaining as we watched them squirm through a changing world.

In contrast, we also needed a large, diverse ensemble, from young to old, that represented modern workers globally. These characters needed to be the warm, authentic anthesis to our spokesperson.


The campaign was a massive success. This message resonated with people all over the world garnering 23.76 million Youtube, 16.38 million LinkedIn, and 6.2 million Twitter impressions. It positioned HP as a partner that understands the needs of the new hybrid worker and a leader in the future of work. Even Warren Buffet got behind HP, investing in the company because he believed no one is better positioned to make the future of hybrid work, work.

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