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Samsung LEVEL Music Lab

PMK*BNC, Los Angeles / SAMSUNG / 2016

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The creative idea was to think of how we could produce an original series that truly breaks down the barriers between aspiring musicians/students and their music idols -- putting them on the same LEVEL and enabling a truly interactive experience.

We felt the perfect setting for this was college campuses around the country where we could tap into the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge of students while allowing the artists to feel reinvigorated by their passion for their craft.

Each episode culminates by selecting one unsuspecting student/fan with the surprise of lifetime, granting them the opportunity to share their own music with their hero.


Once we negotiated the overarching artist deals, we then determined the college campus stops based off the tour routing of the participating artists.

We shot all six episodes (2 episodes per artist) from Nov '15 to March '16, shooting everywhere from Kansas to Las Vegas to SXSW.

We then partnered with COMPLEX to create a massive distribution strategy of the content through both their native platform as well as their social media channels. The content was also posted on each participating artists' social media platforms.


Each episode of the Music Lab series was distributed through COMPLEX homepage site, COMPLEX social channels, Samsung Mobile YouTube, Samsung Mobile Facebook & Twitter, and all artist social media -- resulting in millions of impressions and views of the content.

The engagement around the series was massive, generating thousands of comments and shares for each episode of the content that was posted.

The impact of the series was evident by the overwhelming participation from students on campus at the colleges we visited and even more so from the eagerness of students online petitioning to have their schools chosen as our next stop.

However, the greatest achievement of the series was undoubtedly the impact we were able to make on the musician students who were selected as our fan for each episode where you could see them truly coming steps closer to their dreams as they interacted with their heroes.

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