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Samsung ThrowBack Deals

MRM , São Paulo / SAMSUNG / 2024


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In 2023, because Samsung had not achieved the Black Friday goals, and needed to compensate for the bad results, the brief was to find a simple, cheap and effective way to sell products in the short term.


We discovered that 80% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts, and many do so intentionally, hoping for further discounts.

Using only one of the most traditional channels (e-mail), but in an innovative way, we leveraged the "abandonment" behavior and offered "ThrowBack Deals": the latest product models at the price of old ones. We hyper segmented and hyper personalized offers to Samsung database. Precisely, 735,000 people were impacted by 735.000 personalized emails.


Analyzing various sources of data, we discovered a common behavior shared between the Samsung database and the Brazilian population: most people, eager to buy something, abandon the product before completing the purchase.

To capitalize on this behavior, we mined the Samsung database and constructed the 'Abandoners' cluster (consisting of people who abandoned their shopping carts in the last 2 years). From this cluster, we created numerous microsegments based on the abandoned products (3k SKUs), e-commerce activities, website interactions, and engagements with digital media advertisements.


The activation took place the week following Black Friday and lasted only one day, to be precise, just seconds: the time it took to press the button and send 735,000 emails, plus the time for them to reach the target.

After that, we just had to wait for the people to open their e-mails, get surprised by the offers, buy, and spread the news.


With ThrowBack Deals, Samsung turned the slowest sales week into the second-best sales week of the year.

In the following week from Black Friday, we increased 318%.

We sold more than R$ 3,5 million in products, that's USD$ 700,000.

YOY E-Mail open rate: 67%

The average open rate is 2,6%

Return in investment: 5145%

The results were so impressive, and Samsung liked the idea so much, that it became an always on activation for the brand.

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