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JAMI, Moscow / SAMSUNG / 2017

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We suggested our client to replace flight shows on the YouTube-channel with a full long-term platform.

Idea: Samsung YouTube TV – a real television within YouTube, yet all the shows are chosen by viewers!

The main feature of all Samsung products is full personalization. That’s why the viewers were given an opportunity to choose the shows for the channel by themselves.


The teasers of nine different shows were issued as targeted pre-rolls on YouTube. If the viewer had watched the video till the end, that show gained +1 vote. Thus we managed to use the common media tool in an unusual format.

On 8th of July, 2016, we issued all the pre-rolls and channel's manifest.

We did real-time monitoring of all the data coming from the viewers of pre-rolls and chose five shows for shooting.

Starting from mid-September 2016 these shows were issued on Samsung Russia YouTube-channel.

Examples of shows:

1. Clipmakers’ Battle

Popular bloggers as video directors shoot video clips on smartphones for talented, but not yet popular music artists and bands.

2. Chronicles of Paranoid

Series of short films “Chronicles of Paranoid” – ironical stories about the ways of changing our life throughout technologies. The main feature of this format – native product placement.


1) 40.000.000+ views, 630.000+ likes and 180.000+ new subscribers of the Samsung Russia channel.

2) 38.000.000+ reach (YouScan mentions base + succession between social networks + Agora Barometer), 44% of the Russian Internet users.

3) Samsung Russia was named No. 1 YouTube Brand by Subscribers, No. 1 YouTube Brand by Uploaded Video and the Fastest-Growing YouTube Channel in Russia (Source: Socialbakers reports, September & October 2016).

4) Current Samsung YouTube TV project (SYTV, Jul 8, 2016 - Dec 31, 2016, Russia) VS previous Samsung YouTube-channel project Battle of Bloggers 2 (BB2, Apr 10, 2015 - Jul 14, 2015, Russia) stats overview demonstrates that SYTV brought 6 times more views than BB2 and average view duration increased 2.2 times.

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