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As a proud partner of the NBA, SAP turns complex game data into simple stats that help fans get closer to the game–so simple that a kid can explain them. So that’s exactly what we did.

And because the kids of so many NBA stars today are celebrities unto themselves, we didn’t use just any kids. We created an original stat-themed sports show, starring Zion Wade (son of Dwyane Wade) and Chris Paul Jr (son of Chris Paul).

Our casting choice wasn’t just entertaining, it also resulted in instant publicity, when the proud parents tweeted the video–completely unsolicited and for free–out to their millions of followers.


Working around our child stars’ schedules and the need to use up-to-date stats, the team only had a small window to produce the Simple report. The show was scripted, shot, edited and released in only four days, between the first and second games of the NBA Finals.

The Simple Report was published through SAP Sports, which highlights the company’s global sponsorships, on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. But we also gained additional media placements when the proud parents tweeted the video–completely unsolicited and for free–to their millions of followers.


By giving Dywane Wade and Chris Paul’s sons a chance to shine on camera, we created an irresistible shareable moment for the fathers (and stepmother, actress Gabrielle Union). Despite practically zero paid media, the content generated 1.7 million views and 104 million impressions, giving fans everywhere a clear understanding of the crucial role SAP fills for the NBA and turning a largely business to business brand into a business to pop culture brand.

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