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SAS - What is truly Scandinavian?

NEWLAND, Copenhagen / SAS / 2020

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Despite the film being about travelling out into the world, all footage was shot and depicts Scandinavia. It’s an ode to our wonderful region, composed entirely of Scandinavian history, heritage and people.

As the V.O. weaves several voices and unifies the brand with its audience, the many vignettes takes the viewer on a journey through Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The main footage is shot on 35mm film, to give the film warmth and authenticity. Other parts of the film is made up of archive footage, stock, or otherwise found footage - pieced together in an edit filled with energy.

The overall direction is one of interconnectedness. We see the many races, faces, and cultures that make up Scandinavia. Some are actors, and a handful are real people - many of which was shot on location, unaware that they’re being filmed.

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