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The Unspoken Truth

Albeit those industries were recovering through business transformations – events were suffering in China due to outbreaks and control. Due to the Covid Flares, major music festivals in China were facing cancellations and being postponed indefinitely. For alcohol brands like Jägermeister, offline communications played a crucial role for the brand in terms of consumer and product experience. Empowering and connecting with Gen Zs through music and subculture experiences was a core part of the brand’s DNA. Over the last 2 years of absence at music festivals, Jägermeister was suffering from 2 major challenges:

1. Brand image was being compromised for eCommerce sales communications

2. Consumer brand affinity was lagging behind amongst the Gen Z.

We set 2 rigorous objectives to achieve for our campaign:

1. Remind the country - build awareness across China

2. Reconnect with our Gen Z: drive engagement


The Idea: #SaveTheNewJä

Jägermeister, a brand dedicated to supporting the progressive youth culture was about to turn the tables around this new year. And return to everyone, the celebration they deserved to move into the next year across china. We were about to throw a music festival that would not, and could not be canceled - #SaveTheNewJä.


The New Year that Got Taken Away

As we drew near the end of 2021, New Years was supposed to be a ritualistic celebration, especially the youth to bid the tough year that’s been farewell, and welcome to the New Year with bright optimism. However, with the flare of Covid outbreaks, many youths were about to spend New Years locked at home.

The Ones Who Lost Their Voice

Though industries were on a road to recovery, there was a one industry that is still flying in turbulence for the past–Music Festivals and musicians. We realized that it was not only entertainment of music festivals that were put on mute, but more importantly, these music festivals were a platform or springboard to aspiring musicians and bands to be noticed and heard. With the constant cancellations, many of the small artists finding their voices were losing their chance to be heard.


The Unstoppable Concert

Together with EastSea Music Festival, Jägermeister pushed through with setting up a 3 story stag in Chengdu – The Jäger Base . Along with a fully equipped stage and 2 days-worth of full scale performance line-ups, as well as gearing up the inside of the giant stag with subculture experiences – with no audiences.

The Online Celebration

1. We live streamed the entire music festival performances across Bilibili for 2 whole days leading up to the countdown.

2. We brought the subculture experience in the Jagerbase online through engagement and interaction.

3. Inviting KOLs across different subculture communities to co-create a brand experience vlog that explored the inside of the 3 story stag.

4. The Vlog also became an interactive vlog for the fans to connect with their favorite subculture meisters. Engagements and interactions for a change to win their very own tailormade Mini Jäger Base


Once again, Jägermeister rooted itself in the hearts of Gen Zs in China, returning to them the New Years everyone rightfully deserved. Achieving our objectives

3. Remind the country - build awareness across China

Results: Jägermeister’s SaveTheNewJa Campaign achieved a reach of over 200 million impressions across China. Which also resulted in exposure for artists that got to once again enjoy the spotlight doing what they love.

4. Reconnect with our Gen Z: drive engagement

Result: Jägermeister’s campaign surpassed our KPI, reaching 400,000 engagements through this campaign bringing an onground experience fully digital.

During the campaign there were no other running promotions and campaigns to affect data.

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