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For more than a hundred years, beer has been the perfect sidekick for Jägermeister. This match is called Deer&Beer, an extraordinary German taste combination, which for the brand is very important to keep communicating. Unfortunately, in Mexico regulations and laws restrict people from holding or drinking alcoholic beverages in advertising, and much less, mixing them. With Deer&Beer, the goal was to find a way to communicate one of the most relevant forms of consumption for Jägermeister, while dealing with regulations that complicated its explanation.


We push the boundaries of how music is used in the industry by not just mixing a beat or adapting a famous song but making a new rhythm and melody with the product itself. We analyzed the liquid, flavor, density, and composition of the Beer and Jägermeister through the "Rainger FX Minibar", a unique guitar pedal, which allowed us to modify the tones and notes of a melody. This way, we transformed the liquid from Jägermeister and Beer into an original score never heard before, an acoustic experience that demonstrates how the Beer&Deer is such an exquisite experience for the palate and now, the ears.


For our Deer&Beer campaign, it was important for more people to know that the perfect pairing for a Jägermeister shot is Beer and not other beverages, such as energy drinks. Having a great reach was key for us and we achieved it as we reached 2.7 million people in Mexico with more than 5.6 million impressions and 1 million interactions in all our social networks. These numbers are key to influencing the direct purchase of Jägermeister and also to generating new pairing options in the consumption centers for users who previously only knew one way of drinking Jägermeister, which limited its sale.

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