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Bancolombia is one of the 10 most sustainable banks in the world. However, when they tried to communicate the importance of sustainability and let the public know about their efforts, they failed to reach and engage the public. To change this, we created a highly immersive campaign around a unique and self-reliant community island in the middle of the Caribbean where water is worth more than gold, food is scarce and electricity is a luxury. Bancolombia and Google teamed up to turn this island, up until recently only recognized for being the most densely populated island in the world, into a school accessible for everyone through a Street View-like experience. Through cinematic video portraits, the islands inhabitants teach us how to best take advantage of scarce resources like water, food and electricity, together as community.


• Implementation

The island was photographed and mapped in 3D using photogrammetry, so people from around the world can see where and how these people live, explorable through a streetview like experience. You can jump to any location on the island to explore it by foot. There are tours you can follow where you can learn everything about the community and how it sustains itself. This is done through a rich collection of content and classes like video documentaries.

• Placement

Website (Desktop, Mobile, WebVR)

• Scale


• Brand relevance

Bancolombia prides itself to be one of the world’s most sustainable banks. However they don’t do this just for their good reputation. The bank feels their success is tied to the success of colombia as a country, they believe if they country does well, the bank does well. Teaching Colombians (and the rest of the world) about sustainability improves the banks reputation and success.

• Touch points

WEB, mobile, BTL.

• Materials, style elements, design choices

Google Street View Technology.

• Methods and process

3D mapping, Photogrammetry, 360 Spheres, Video, photography, WebGL.

• Timeline

6 months.


• Action/business results – sales, donations, site traffic, achievement against business target:

First month: The School of Sustainability received over 700.000 visitors that landed on the website. Monthly, around 5000 people are consuming 100% of sustainability tests, attaining the school’s graduation.

As far as Google is concerned, searches about sustainability grew 350% during the campaign’s first month.

The positive feeling towards the bank grew a 30% within social media.

According to the Brand Lift done by Google, the people exposed to the campaign increased the brand’s consideration in over 6 points. (Previous best was 2 points for the bank)

• Outcomes/awareness - change in behaviour, reach, public opinion, content response

The launch was covered by Colombia’s Mainstream media.

We added the island to Google Maps and Street View, literally putting them on the map. This gave acknowledgement to the communities hardships in return for teachings for the rest of humanity.

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