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Science of Sound

GTB, London / FORD / 2018

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The Science of Sound is a multi-channel campaign that set out to answer the question of why listening to music in cars can be such an affecting experience.

We knew our audience liked to use music to change their mood, but there wasn't much information out there on how music enhances the car driving experience.

So working with Spotify and VICE, we set out to answer this question by working with a leading neuroscientist and researching 50 drivers, in 5 different countries, listening to various music in the new Fiesta, before applying our learnings with London's Joe Goddard and Nao and the Berlin House duo, Mat. Joe.


The Science of Sound is a campaign that threads a single narrative through a number of channels both on and offline.

The campaign commenced in with an announcement of our research intent to the world's press along with a demonstration of the Fiesta's B&O Play sound system.

Research commenced with focus groups in 5 countries and 50 individual drivers in a fleet of new Fiestas equipped with B&O Play sound systems. The whole process was documented and shared on Facebook. The research results and film were also shared with the media.

The campaign culminated with Joe Goddard, Mat. Joe and Nao each creating a track and playlist inspired by the research, hosted on Spotify. Three films were produced with VICE, documenting their creative process and the influences on their music, whilst subtly incorporating the new Fiesta in the mix. As elsewhere, the artists shared their work via the press.


The Science of Sound succeeded in its goal of showing how and why listening to music while driving can be such an emotive experience.

The filmic content delivered over 31.9m views, with an average view time of 1:51 minutes and a 75% engagement rate on Facebook.

Over 2m people chose to listen to the tracks created on Spotify.

231 pieces of press were generated, with an earned OTS of 1.5 billion, including coverage in GQ, Rolling Stone, Le Figaro, Pitchfork, The Daily Mail, Fader, Le Monde, the New York Post and many more.

Most importantly, the activity contributed to 54,000 Fiesta orders; over $900m in total revenue.

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