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Scope What Not To Do

CHANNEL 4, London / SCOPE / 2016

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Each of the 6 films were based on an actual event from Scopes archives, underpinning the whole series with a sense of truth.

They featured typical social situations (job interviews, dating, at the hairdressers) which are familiar to all as being potentially awkward. But the films took these relatable situations and heightened the tension by introducing the added element of disability.

The videos addressed the issue of ‘innocent ignorance’ – the person who’s behaviour is causing discomfort are well meaning but clearly uncomfortable or unused to interacting with disabled people. When they do come in contact with disabled people they panic, or worse, avoid situations for fear of doing the wrong thing.

Presenter and disability campaigner Alex Broker’s reactions to the scenarios were captured as part of the films, Alex acts as the everyman laughing a long with the situation but clearly echoing the sentiment that “this is so wrong".


Six short programmes, “What not to do”, exemplified how not to behave around disability in a range of situations including a blind date, a job interview and at the hairdressers. They addressed peoples behaviour towards disability and awkwardness. The films were based on recreating real-life situations that had actually happened, with the roles of the 2 main key characters in each film played by actors in a hidden camera set up.

Alex Brooker, the Channel 4 presenter of the Last Leg, provided just the right amount of narrative and context for the presentation of the films, whilst the incredulous reactions of the real people in the situations were used to emphasise the awkwardness of the main protagonist’s behaviour.

Whilst the series of programmes engaged and entertained viewers – critically it also challenged them to reassess and examine their own behaviour and prejudices to disabled people in daily situations.


Response to the series has been phenomenal. The series has generated over 1 million views across All 4, YT and Scope’s own platforms.

The series launch generated extensive coverage in National media. Alex Brooker appeared on several National TV programmes talking about the series and the important issues that it raised. The Independent also ran a feature and there was coverage on National BBC Radio.

>Opportunities to see increased 200% to 75 million, compared to the previous years’ Ad campaign. Social media engagement was also up massively – increasing 100% year on year.

>Research indicated that the content series had made a significant impact in terms of their own behaviour.

>The video series caused a huge positive shift in attitudes. 71% would talk about the clip and their reactions to it with friends/family. 45% also said they'd share/d the clip on social media

>76% liked the topic of the clips

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