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ZENITH, New York / HULU / 2016

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In any series launch, Hulu faces the challenge of misinformation among target audiences connecting titles to its current content library. This was especially true for the Seinfeld campaign. Unsurprisingly, a Hulu research study revealed confusion among target audiences about where Seinfeld content was available for consumption. Even more alarming was that many respondents incorrectly assumed Hulu’s largest competitor, Netflix, carried the series.

Educated with Hulu’s research findings, the Strategy team focused on the need to create a strong association between Seinfeld and the Hulu brand. An agency-wide brainstorm session generated the idea of blending the Seinfeld logo and other available assets with the iconic Hulu green. This concept was a sure bet as it would lend itself to all media being considered for the campaign.


We supported Hulu’s early-out Seinfeld Apartment experiential stunt with in-market DJ live reads, live remotes, digital billboards, and editorial/social support online to extend reach.

For the main campaign, we secured heavy presence across all mediums:

- Digital: Leveraged the iconic Seinfeld font and secured site logo transformations on Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. Created fun custom content: digital crossword puzzle on Salon that included video clues, custom auto-tuned music video with CollegeHumor, a NY Mag “Normcore” gallery inspired by the fashions of Seinfeld, and a quiz powered by Vine on Vulture.

- TV: Reached fans of comedy and nostalgia on Comedy Central and Nick@Nite, created scale through DirecTV

- OOH: Crafted robust NY and LA street-level transit and high profile bulletins, activating in high traffic areas such as near Madison Square Garden and Santa Monica Boulevard.

- Audio: Utilized iconic quotes and soundbites (radio, podcasts, and within digital rich media).


The results were outstanding. The launch of Seinfeld was so successful that KPI metrics from the campaign have become the new benchmark Hulu sets as goals for licensed series launches. Brand awareness increased +11% among total digital consumers and brand opinion increased by 28% among Hulu users. From launch on June 24th through the end of July, Seinfeld retained the number one spot on Hulu in terms of total daily viewership. Additionally, the sitcom received 3x greater views than any previous top performing show on the platform and attributed more sign-ups than any other Hulu series to date.

We helped Hulu to achieve its mission of brand association between Seinfeld and the streaming platform. This helped eliminate confusion as to where the series now lived, as well as increased the consumer opinion of Hulu overall. This campaign successfully reinvigorated the brand of one the most iconic TV shows in history.

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