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TBWA\RAAD, Dubai / NISSAN / 2018


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With the new car market down over 20%, the royal decree had pundits predicting a bright future for the Saudi Arabian new car market. The opportunity was further exaggerated by national news publications partnering with research agencies to highlight how the vast majority of women wanted to drive and apply for a license.

However, our own social media listening revealed there was still much negative sentiment from a loud and conservative male minority. We decided to run focus groups to hear what Saudi women had to say about this, in their own words. It turned out this negativity was causing a reluctance and hesitation. Sure, they still wanted to drive, but they didn't want to be the first: they wanted to wait and see. This presented a huge opportunity for Nissan to fulfil their brand promise to make the innovation and excitement of driving accessible to all.


The film starts with women speaking candidly about what it means for them to drive and the challenges they expect, especially from the men in their household. The intrigue is heightened by the mix of contradictory emotions; anxiety on one hand, hope and excitement on the other.

We then move to showing women getting behind the wheel, with instructions to study some road signs. They are focused and determined. At this point, the very same men they had been talking about earlier get into the car. The women show real surprise and emotion.

There's a light-hearted and positive end to the film, with some of the more universal tensions that arise with men and women in a car being dramatized and a final interview where each the male member of each gives his support for his wife, daughter or sister driving.


News of The Royal Decree broke at 11:30pm. An hour later, we developed the "2018-GRL" Tweet, knowing Twitter is the main social platform in Saudi Arabia for breaking news. To further cement the idea and Nissan's point of view, we posted two 6-second films on Facebook a week later: one showed the number-plate being pressed, the other a Saudi woman getting into the driver's seat. To really bring the idea to life, and go beyond just talk, we built a space in which Saudi women could actually drive a car, legally, for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The twist being, unbeknown to our female learners, their first instructor would be the man from their household. The content generated was enjoyed across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Finally, we asked all Saudi men to show their support by submitting driving tips under the #shedrives to a highlights album on Instagram.

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