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Shout Tag Ads

OGILVY & MATHER , Chicago / S.C JOHNSON / 2016

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We created a new media placement: TAG ADS. A special tag strategically placed next to the tags with the washing instructions, encouraging people to not follow the washing instructions and instead, wash all their laundry together with Shout Color Catcher. The TAG ADS educated our consumers while inviting them to change their behavior while showing them the benefits of washing with Shout Color Catcher. The TAG ADS have messages like: “Don’t let that other tag tell you what to do.” “Mix Whites and Colors”, “Machine wash ok. Mixing colors and whites ok. Pretty much everything ok.”


We partnered with a T-shirt manufacturer, and rolled out T-shirts with the Tag Ads among all their locations. We did this from mid March to Mid April 2016.


We created a whole new media space that reached people in exactly the place we needed to. Brand awareness increased among the target audience, as well as the purchase interest. This program was such a success, that SC Johnson is now looking into executing it on a bigger scale with retailers like Target and Wal-Mart.

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