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MINDSHARE, Beijing / YILI / 2012







We placed ShuHua Milk in one of the funniest scenes of the massive box office hit ‘Transformers 3’. In a scene we developed for Chinese American comedian Ken Jeong, Ken slurps a ‘Shuhua Milk’ using the line: “Not till I’ve finished my ShuHua Milk, Donny!” The scene created a huge stir in China. They didn’t just laugh, audiences were amazed to see a Chinese brand they know from their local supermarket in a movie produced by Steven Spielberg! This was totally unexpected. Transformers 3 is the fourth biggest grossing movie of all time. Of its non-US takings, China accounted for 10% in the first weekend alone. This made the product placement one of the most talked about subjects in internet chatter, which translated into a major sales lift.


Consumers were amazed to see a local brand on the global stage.

Online chat went crazy as 10% of all tweets on Weibo mentioned ‘ShuHua Milk’.

Over 3 million comments were made online about ‘Transformers 3’, ‘YiLi’ and ‘ShuHua Milk’, and search volumes grew by 1000%!

They bought 12% more ‘ShuHua Milk’ as a result and brand preference increased 5%.

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