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To achieve a better understanding of what the Side-Assist is about, we cut down the complex technology into one simple benefit: it makes sure you see other cars.

We brought the insight to life in all kinds of media and the streets, by using arrows to point out our competitors’ cars that surround you. Whether it was on a billboard, an online banner, at a dealer, or parked in the streets – wherever there was a car, we made sure people saw it.

In this way we turned every single vehicle out there into an ad of our own.


People encounter cars in all kinds of media, which gave us the opportunity to implement the idea not only in classic media, but also online and in the streets.

The Volkswagen Side-Assist Arrows pointed at ads, cars and dealerships of Audi, Renault, Smart, Seat, Toyota, Mazda, Infinity, Ford, Mini, and even at a “Trabi” from former East Germany.

As a first step we booked spaces in magazines to place our arrows next to other car ads, while at the same time having specialized banners that appeared next to our competitors’ ads online.

Besides these two implementations, we also used a custom-built trailer with a large LED-arrow that we placed next to parked cars and huge blow-up billboards of competitors.

Additionally we placed huge inflatables and floor stickers at billboards and other brand’s dealerships. Not to mention an arrow-drone that we had following around cars in the streets.


By converting every vehicle into our own messaging, we transformed the Side-Assist from complicated technology into one clear benefit: that it lets you see other cars.

We spread the message across billboards, dealerships, print, online, in the sky and on the streets, in order to reach as large an audience as possible. With just a simple arrow, we turned every car across every media into messaging for the Side-Assist.

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