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With Andy Warhol as our inspiration, we wanted to create art for the 21st century.

We created a mobile game based on eight Warhol paintings that used the player's mobiles to draw them into a story that blurred the lines between virtual and real worlds.

At the game's heart is a mystery, the disappearance of Chloe. The more you play, the more story is revealed. The game starts as a classic match 3 challenge with a series of planets to align. As they do, the player slowly unlocks Chloe’s mystery with story fragments dropping into the game.

The game starts to draw the player into the real world. Levels become more difficult to unlock. Players are given the chance to do so by going out to bars, hairdressing salons and street corners to take part in a series of live experiences cross the boundary between virtual world and reality.


The game was launched in April 2015. Media amplification directed players to the app store to download an innovative experience.

Over the period, players were drawn to locations around London, where they were automatically ‘levelled up’ for their efforts. The use of iBeacons and the personal messages ensured the game was always watching and communicating with its players. Bizarre real-world interactions (such as mysterious objects being left at player's offices) took them closer into Chloe’s world to unlock the mystery of what happened to her.

Social media became full of talk about how addictive the casual game was, how weird the real world interactions were, and how their lives were being affected.

With this level of integration between game play and real world experience, players were vocal on social media about the experience and how unique it was.


In the space of only 3 weeks Silverpoint achieved:

A media reach of 1 million which represented 72% of 25-34’s in London

Over 44.5 million impressions were served with 281,631 engagements

35,000 website visits


2,500 took part in the real world elements in bars and beauty salons. This was the limit of how many we could accommodate (something even we were surprised by)

5 hours of average player time

Top 10 on the app store for puzzle and adventure games for its 2 week run

Of those who took part:

60% said they'd purchase Absolut as a result of the campaign

62% said they were positively impacted on brand preference

58% said they'd recommend Absolut to a friend.

As a result of the activity, Absolut became the number 1 fastest growing spirit brand for on trade.

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