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Our solution is more than the sum of its parts. It's an entire ecosystem of smartly connected hard- and software components. Combined, the system introduces an innovative, technology-augmented dog food e-commerce solution that will increase sales, educate dog owners and bind them to Fressnapf in a sustainable way while providing the best care for their dog.

Our ecosystem consists of the SmartBowl, a SmartCollar, a mobile app and enhanced food packaging. The core of the system is an intelligent data model which delivers the benefits.

The actual building blocks of the SmartBowl and its components are made up of state-of-the-art technologies and components such as WiFi, low energy Bluetooth, RFID, micro-processing, mobile app and data-modeling technology which makes the system truly smart. It is ready for serial production and a rollout on a greater scale.

It all sits within a beautifully handcrafted design which was built with sustainability in mind. It is a combination of German hardwoods, Corian ceramic from Dupont, premium leather and organically produced textiles.


Dog owners spend a disproportionate amount of their earning on their pets. In In Germany alone, there are nearly eight million dog owners.

If only 1% of German dog owners chose our ecosystem, Fressnapf would generate an estimated revenue of € 38,3 mil. through direct sales and subscriptions in the first year alone. That number would triple in the second year with a calculated revenue of € 131 mil. These calculations are based on a conservative interpretation of the Rogers adoption model:

With our integrated eco-system we will become the preferred daily advisor and supplier of dog food, contributing to the healthier lifestyle of dogs by giving their owners the certainty that they are doing the best for their dog.

With this smart solution, Fressnapf will be able to improve its position in the German e-commerce market and differentiate itself from its competition as an innovative brand.

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