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Snacktime: Wingman

DDB CANADA, Vancouver / MILK WEST / 2017


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Snack Time is a web series designed to avoid all of the things teens hate about ads. There’s no traditional product shots or calls to action – it is purposefully unbranded. However, every episode centres around milk and the snacks that go best with it. The content is easily digestible, relevant, and entertaining, adding value to their day from a trusted brand, milk.


While first introduced in 2015, over the past year, we have released 26 new Snack Time episodes and grown our online community substantially. As of April 15, 2017, in total we’ve released 75 videos on YouTube, and made 46 Tumblr posts consisting of video, cartoons and gifs. We have over 40,000 YouTube subscribers, and 11,000 Tumblr followers. SnackTime has over 22 million episode views and 14.4 million Tumblr impression, and counting.Additional episodes are in production and will continue to be released for the remainder of 2017.


Our tracking reports that our teen target viewers consume 13 servings of milk per week – versus 10.6 servings per week for teens not watching our content. And, 28.2% of our Snack Time audience say they will drink more milk in the future compared to those that have not seen Snack Time at only 18.3% - a substantial 10% difference.

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