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McCANN LIMA, Lima / SODIMAC / 2016

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To attract more kids and their families to visit Sodimac, the leading home improvement store during holiday season, we decided to let them live the brands promise: “You can always do more” in an unexpected and fun way. We invited a team of industrial designers to see our products from a kids point of view and create a series of exclusive and affordable toys using our products.

In our stores we encouraged clients to build the toys buying all the “pieces” needed (our products). Every product that was part of a toy, would show the instructions and the rest of “pieces” needed. Clients would also find video tutorials on every toy´s “piece” when scanning its label and receive help at our tutorial stand.

Our toys helped Sodimac became really attractive for families at this time of the year and showed that in Sodimac we have all home supplies people need


All the toys were designed having some considerations in mind:

-Be made only from Sodimac store products Improvement store which would make them affordable as well.

-Be really fun for kids to play with, enhancing their imagination.

-Easy to make so any model could be replicated with some little help from an adult or our tutorials.

-Be safe, because they were meant to be used by kids on Christmas, thats why many of them include plastic products and soft elements in their design.

Every toy designed has its own functionality but all of them are easy to use. For example a "Water Soccer" game used as a traditional one but with water inside and plastic cutlery as players. Or a "Cone Mobile" which works as a cool car pushed or pulled by a friend but with really impactful cones which makes it look as a spaceship. Or "The Glove puppets" meant to be used by the younger ones by simply putting their hands inside of them etc. Each toy was created for an easy usability and bearing in mind that they could be customized with paint, gadgets etc using the kids imagination to make them unique.


Reaching over 3 million peruvians only on internet and TV, the campaign contributed to increase Sodimac sales in 20.9% comparing to the previous year. The brand sentiment indicator reached a + 46% and the idea helped to convey the brands promise that in Sodimac Home improvement store “You can always do more”. Also in Christmas time. Hundreds of Toys were sold, created and enjoyed and the idea was so well received by our clients that Sodimacs Toys are now a new and permanent business category for the brand, bringing more families and kids to the store all year long, and of course bringing more income too.

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