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The construction sector, one of the most informal in Colombia, is currently made up of approximately 1,400,000 workers, of whom 78% do not have higher education and have begun to work from an early age due to obligation, necessity or tradition, developing knowledge in an empirical way. This is why learning has great relevance in their personal and work life.

In response to this latent need, the Great Constructor Training Fair emerges, as a great event that allows direct contact between academia, suppliers and workers in the sector. In its fourth version, the fair has been consolidated as the most important free training event in the construction industry, which seeks to train the workers of the guild on topics of interest and update their knowledge and work performance , through the generation of a differential and memorable experience.


6 months of planning, 1 month of media placement, and 10 days assembly event was developed.

A two-day event was planned to gather more than a 5,000 builders with special design spaces to make a memorable experience.It was made in the parking lot of an important mall of Bogota, in which 5,000 square meters of pavilions were installed, 12 class rooms for 100 people each and soundproofing system, more than 40 leading brands stands, 2 master stages, professional sound, video and illumination, free Wi-Fi, streaming channel, food court, certificate printing, interactive registration system, logistics and security.

As a highlight point, a commercialization plan was defined to make the event self-sustaining where Constructor together with all suppliers joined efforts to achieve a top-quality event


The event reached a total of 5,080 attendees, 27% more than the previous year, along with 14,218 streaming connections for a final total of 19,298 participants, achieving 100% of the brand objectives. In the fair 43 suppliers participated with 68 brands that were part of the most solid commercial sample of the construction industry.

Additionally, the event offered a total of 72 training courses, meaning 240 hours of learning in two-day period, , where attendees participated actively, achieving 6,789 training records, that is 3.5 lectures on average per person.

79% of visitors evaluated the Great Fair as Very Satisfied (TTB: 9 and 10) where the main satisfaction elements were The topics and information provided, the knowledge acquired and the innovation in products of the participating brands.

Source study Millward Brown 2017

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