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At ‘SOJU University’ we had a special class which students cannot take normally at school. It was about a life-lesson that Koreans like to talk during the moments of drinking. First of all, Kim Je Dong, a famous talk show host, was elected as a university president and delivered talk show about giving advice on life matters while visiting onsite universities. Secondly, we broadcasted actual scene of students drinking and consulting with Kim Je Dong. Many people watched the video at home and expressed their sympathy. Third, we lectured on various 'know-how’ of making enjoyable moment while drinking. For instance, some games people casually join, playing tambourine to have delightful feeling, and learning about dating skills were the main contents and these ‘know-how’ were uploaded on homepage. In addition, based on these contents, members of ‘SOJU University’ even took the test (mid&final term) and submitted report.


We drew our attention to Korea's drinking culture in which Koreans learn to deal with many issues. We believe that life lessons aren’t truly learned at school but only during the moments of drinking. That’s why we structured our campaign around a university setting, and here our online ‘A HOP SI VHAN UNIVERSITY’ platform. We started to post content on life matters such as drinking, and social issues on university homepage, even conducted exams and so on. (School uniforms, flags, badges, school bus, certificates, textbooks, pens, tumbler, etc.) There was also active communication among consumers on the online bulletin board.


People’s attention helped our campaign expand offline in the form of diverse lectures at local universities. With the total number of 4 million visitors and 40k students enrolled at our university. Even other brands wanted to work exclusively with us. (Proposal from a publishing company on releasing a book on our lectures, proposal on TV Show by a big broadcast, request from Cultural Foundation on conducting lectures) As a result, A Hop Si Vahn became an exclusive commodity. Consumers actively shared their purchase experiences and this eventually forced stores to order our product. Finally, the market distribution channel was expanded.

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