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We needed something big - something that would transcend all expectations and drive results all previous campaigns couldn’t contend with; a 2 phase approach. Phase 1, an accelerated buy on Facebook connecting our TV GRPs with Social on entertainment’s biggest night of the year, the Oscars. The Oscars represent artistry and cultural commentary at it’s finest, the perfect space to debut Bride. We used contextual/interest targeting surrounding the Oscars to ensure Bride was highly visible throughout our time in market, leveraging real time marketing tactics.

Phase 2 leveraged strategic audience segmentation. We used demographic research to segment our audiences into three main categories; Life Events, Broad and Conquest. This ensured people going through various life stages, consumer buying intent, and broad audiences would be able to interact with Bride in an innovative, never been done before way. We encouraged participation while pushing them down the path to purchase.


Bringing Bride campaign to market took a great deal of effort, innovation and precision. We used social analytics tools to benchmark audience overlap rates against our audiences to ensure maximum reach and optimal frequency. Phase One required two campaign launches with accelerated spend setting to drive an immediate and continuing burst of impressions, and granular (to the minute) scheduling with TV broadcast at specifically at 10:35pm Sunday Feb. 26th (Oscar night), an innovation which had never been done before.

Phase Two was far more detailed, Facebook and Instagram required six campaigns with an innovative approach to audience targeting, employing Facebook audience insights and demographic data to fine tune our unique audiences. Twitter required another two campaigns (using Twitter audience insight data to build our audiences segments). This resulted in a total of eight campaigns with creative uploaded with embedded links and call-to-action buttons to drive optimal engagement and site visitation.


The results were staggering. Not only did we over-deliver on the original campaign objective of driving social media engagements, we drove site visitations and a significant amount of new customers for Sonnet - with a four times higher Quote to Purchase conversion rate than any of our other channels.

By the Numbers:

• 2.3 M Video Views

• 2.85M Engagements

• 124k Clicks

• 30K Website Visits

• 20.41% Engagement Rate (4x higher than our KPI benchmark)

• $0.04 Cost per Engagement (100% decrease from our KPI benchmark)

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