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DENTSU, Tokyo / HONDA / 2014


1 Grand Prix Cannes Lions
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2 Bronze Cannes Lions
1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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Driving data brings back Senna's fastest lap from 24 years ago.

Internavi is Honda’s car navigation system that designs driving experiences with the power of driving data collected from vehicles. Its roots go back to the 1980s when Honda introduced telemetry system to F1 and stormed the world. Honda has been testing and perfecting it in racing cars ever since. Today it supports everyday drivers.

Senna set the world's fastest lap during the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix qualifying. On board his machine was Honda's telemetry system that recorded acceleration/engine data. Using this data and latest technology, we re-enacted that lap with engine sounds and LEDs on 5,807-meter long Suzuka circuit. Engine sound of Senna's F1 machine was re-created by combining driving data from 1989 with engine tones recorded today. Hundreds of networked speakers placed along the race line brought back the dynamic F1 sound. LED lights synchronized with Senna’s location.


We re-enacted world’s fastest lap set by Ayrton Senna while qualifying for 1989 Formula1 Japanese Grand Prix.

Every aspect of his driving data was digitally restored/analyzed. Engine sound of Senna’s F1 machine McLaren Honda MP4/5 was re-created by combining driving data collected in 1989 with engine tones recorded today.

Hundreds of networked speakers and LEDs were placed along the 5,807-meter long Suzuka circuit, the same place the actual race took place in 1989. Then the re-created engine sound was played according to driving data bringing back Senna’s fastest lap from 24 years ago down to the millisecond.


Right after its launch, this project was covered by media from Japan, Brazil, Europe, US and other regions despite zero PR/Media budget. Becoming most watched YouTube video by an automobile company in Japan’s history and most watched viral video two weeks in a row worldwide. We received countless comments filled with emotions from viewers all over the world for Honda and Senna.

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